Learning in 4-D

Who wants to be one-dimensional? Not us. The four learning dimensions on which we center our work are:

Didactic, a.k.a. formal
Doing, a.k.a. experiential

As a kid, did you ever touch a hot pan or stovetop? And then (hopefully) made sure to never do that again? That was learning… experiential learning, to be specific. At Unit One, we try to avoid learning through pain, but we do help you enable learning in all dimensions.

  • Discourse-based learning could be sharing tips with coworkers in team meetings or on a dedicated Slack channel.

  • Discovery-based learning could be reading an insightful post or watching an instructional video online.

  • And experiential learning/learning by doing is, well, just as it sounds. Trying out the features on a new desktop app, or pairing new hires with mentors, are a couple examples.

We help you implement all of these dimensions in your organization, making learning a natural part of every day.

Which dimensions are right for you?