Your Audience

On a learning project, it’s easy to simply capture a quick, surface-level snapshot of the audience. But effective learning cannot be developed without fully understanding the learner and what their needs are. Before development starts, we make sure to build this understanding. Doing this enables us to design results-oriented adult learning experiences.

Plus, we feel we have a good sense of what resonates for learners because we’ve been in their shoes. For example, do your learners need to:

  • Understand how to use a new business application?

  • Comply with new industry safety regulations?

  • Know how to help cognitively impaired individuals be more independent?

  • Integrate generative AI into their daily workflow?

In our careers, we’ve had to do all of these. So we have a good sense of what the learner needs in these situations and others like them. As the recipient of many learning assignments ourselves, we know what leads to effective learning, and what doesn’t.

Let's talk about your audience. We can help you determine the approach that best meets their needs and brings about the performance change you're seeking.